Saturday, April 14, 2012


It may sound funny, but I guess my word for 2012 would be...Seriously!?!


If someone drives crazy, I've caught myself saying, Seriously!?!

If someone does something dumb, I'll say, Seriously!?!
But I guess what made me realize I say this in reference to a lot of things, is what came
in the mail today.


I know I am getting older, but I'm only 40!!!!
I am now getting offers for Senior Discounts in the mail?


Here's the proof!

Protecting the Nest!

It was a nice cool evening, so I opened the window in my bedroom. 
I wanted to get some fresh air, and I knew Beamer would also come and get some fresh air. No sooner had he got settled, a bird immediately appeared on the roof of my Jeep, he hopped back and forth from my car to Dad's car squawking at Beamer. Of course Beamer wouldn't be undone, he meowed right back, but knew he was separated by the screen. 
The bird did not notice or care about the screen, it was protecting the nest near by. 
This went out for about 45 minutes, and I couldn't stand it any longer, I figured the bird would eventually give up, but no, it just kept right on. I finally had to shut the window and close the drapes. So much for the fresh night air. I guess the bird felt triumphant-it had won! I didn't realize a cat's tail can wag just as fast as a dog's tail can!


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Vintage Cars 

I know I always say I love the unexpected photo opportunities,
 but three vintage cars at your work place is a photo waiting to happen!
We had a "Sock Hop" Back to the 50's party and it was a blast!
Talk about great subjects to photograph!

1956 Truck-which we named "The Green Machine"
1946-Ford-appropriately named, "The Purple People Eater"
1957-Chevrolet- "The Silver Bullet"
The owners who graciously brought their cars by for our party
didn't know their cars/truck had such creative names, 
or that we had such creative minds. :)
They even had fuzzy dice!

Another photo opp, Vintage Jukebox

 Dancin' at the Hop!

Of course we had to dance at the Sock Hop!
I love exploring new things to photograph, especially moving subjects.
Great practice too. I thought the second photo was a tad blurry,
but after looking at it again, I love how it shows the swift foot/feet action,
makes you want to get up and dance with them.
If you could only hear the music, "Do You Love Me" by the Contours

It's Spring!

It seems late to be posting spring photos, since it already feels like summer, but the tulips and the tree
photos were taken about a week or so ago, I love seeing the new buds on the tree. That is my nephew's tree planted at Papaw's house. These tulips are such a great welcome of spring, thanks to my dad's green thumb for these beautiful flowers.

Camouflage Cat!

Not only is it cool to have a cat near by or not, depending on who you are,
it's cool that he is the color scheme of my room, sometimes
I can't find him with all the black and white. Don't you just love comfy cat positions?
They seem too comfortable sometimes.
Oh to be like Beamer the cat and have the time to lay around the house and nap all day!

Well, that's it for now of my randomness post,
I have more cars and other photos to post, later of course!