Saturday, April 14, 2012

Protecting the Nest!

It was a nice cool evening, so I opened the window in my bedroom. 
I wanted to get some fresh air, and I knew Beamer would also come and get some fresh air. No sooner had he got settled, a bird immediately appeared on the roof of my Jeep, he hopped back and forth from my car to Dad's car squawking at Beamer. Of course Beamer wouldn't be undone, he meowed right back, but knew he was separated by the screen. 
The bird did not notice or care about the screen, it was protecting the nest near by. 
This went out for about 45 minutes, and I couldn't stand it any longer, I figured the bird would eventually give up, but no, it just kept right on. I finally had to shut the window and close the drapes. So much for the fresh night air. I guess the bird felt triumphant-it had won! I didn't realize a cat's tail can wag just as fast as a dog's tail can!


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